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My PDQ Vegan Life

Being a coach does not always insulate me from falling into my own behaviour traps. No one is perfect, and as a self-declared emotional eater, I am living proof of that. I take little pride in the fact that, by January 2020, I had ballooned to my heaviest in almost 18 years, weighing in at nearly 97.5kg. I do take pride in the pretty damn quick results my focus on this has created, and so My PDQ Vegan Life was born!

I decided to get empowered, take control and be seriously accountable. I started making some changes to my life, big and small, and then blogging about the experience. In this series I share how I’ve managed to lose 16.5kg (so far) and where I struggled along the way. I tackle emotional eating head on and blend science with my lived experience in an effort to help you make similar changes in your own life.

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