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Business Agility, Cultural Change, Emotional Intelligence, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Psychological Safety, Servant Leadership, Team Dynamics and Wellbeing

Applied Consulting

Agile, behavioural and cultural change consultancy through applied research and positive organisational scholarship

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Professional Coaching

Highly supportive, empowering and outcomes focused personal, professional and group coaching

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Facilitated Learning

Impactful, lively and practical in-person and online learning for agility, imposter syndrome, performance and wellbeing

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Professional Speaking

Presentation at conferences and events on agility, applied positive psychology, imposter syndrome and leadership

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It is the applied psychology of happiness, wellbeing and flourishing. This means it seeks to identify approaches that lead to a life of optimal functioning; exploring the attributes, behaviours, practices, strengths and virtues that enable individuals, families, communities and organisations to thrive. Rather than avoiding the darkness and pushing negative emotions down, a holistic view reveals how we can embrace these in more constructive ways. In this, Positive Psychology can be a pathway to wholeness.


It is a set of limiting beliefs and behaviours that are triggered by our circumstances. People who have this often feel they are out of their depth, do not belong or deserve their successes. Other signs are low self-esteem, habitual procrastination or overworking, and an inclination to self-sabotage or hide away. For many of us, we experience this in moments where the stakes are high or we are embarking on something new. For others, this is a significant problem that impacts many important areas of their life.


FAQ: I can find change quite hard, why might I resist it?

It is often taken for granted, but changing our behaviours can be a lot harder than we might anticipate. This is especially so when the change we’re seeking is not necessarily something we are naturally driven to do. We can hold ourselves to high expectations of our own and others behaviour, but it’s important to be patient when navigating complex changes in work or life.

Our behaviour is really an expression of what we think, feel and believe, and this is driven by our values and identity. Habits can play a big role here too, as we may have blind spots to them. If we don’t really desire or know how to change, it is likely we will resist it. However, we are all capable of immense change when we feel committed, have support and cultivate our awareness.

The Heliotropic Principle

The Heliotropic Principle

“Each of us is on a journey of becoming.”

Every aspect of life is an unfolding. While the future is not knowable, we have a natural desire to self-actualise; to have, do and be the very best we can. Just as a flower bends and grows towards the light, so do we have this tendency.

“We are all on a journey of becoming.”

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I like to share tips, tricks, tools and possible traps to watch out for through my writing. Currently my research focus is in how we can use Positive Psychology to overcome issues we face in life and work. One of the areas that fascinates me most is Imposter Syndrome, and how widely experienced the phenomenon is.

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