Learn about the things that make life better, richer and more fulfilling.

Learn about the things that make life better, richer and more fulfilling.

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My signature programmes for facilitated learning

I have a great many passions in life and I love delivering new programmes, but I would have to say there are three areas which give me the maximum joy.

I have crafted these into three signature programmes. Each impactful and transformative in its own right. Here you can find out more about them.

Positive Wellbeing

A series of 7 impactful blended learning modules dedicated to Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Can be delivered with a bite-size light touch webinar or through deeper dive workshop sessions.

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Positive Teams

High-performing teams meets agile, positive psychology and wellbeing. This fully blended series of 5 modules makes for a fantastic team kick-off or refocus. Available in multiple formats and combinations.

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The Little Imposter

Imposter syndrome is a growing issue for an enormous amount of people. I designed this series of 8 modules to tackle the issues in both broad and specific ways. Works great as webinars or for larger events.

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Laura, Local Government

“Ed Midson has been a massive role model and had a huge influence on my thinking about working practices, attitudes and behaviours. I am certain that, without his tireless activity, the council would not have been able to implement the changes in terms of agile working and desk ratios that have been achieved over the last year. Whilst it is of course appreciated that Ed’s role would always be time-limited, I am extremely sorry to see Ed’s energy, enthusiasm, and expertise lost to the programme and to the council at this stage when we are having so much success.”

Liggy Webb, CEO

The Learning Architect

“Having now known and worked with Ed for a few years I can absolutely say I am delighted that he is part of my very special inner circle. He is a breath of fresh air and his enthusiasm and energy is inspiring. Recently he delivered a webinar for one of our key clients and in the feedback someone said – ‘Ed Midson is the best trainer that the bank has ever had by a country mile!’ The feedback he receives is always fantastic and his commitment to service excellence is first class. If I was to score Ed out of 10 for professionalism it would be 10.”

I can also help with designing a bespoke signature programme

If you have specific learning needs or would like to explore how you can embed more of my core knowledge areas within your existing programmes let’s have a chat.

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